Testosterone 250 injection


Testosterone 250 injection
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Testosterone is a hormone primarily associated with the development of male sexual characteristics. It plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including the development of muscle mass and strength, bone density, red blood cell production, libido, and sperm production. Testosterone levels naturally decline with age, but low levels can also occur due to certain medical conditions. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may be prescribed to treat hypogonadism (low testosterone levels) in men, helping to alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and decreased muscle mass. However, TRT is not without risks, and its use should be carefully monitored by a healthcare professional.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Pregabalin
Manufacturer:Healing Pharma
Packaging:10 Tablets in 1 Strip
Strength:75 MG
Delivery Time:6 To 15 days
SKU:Pregabalin 75 mg

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