Nitazoxanide 500 Mg


Nitazoxanide 500 Mg
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30 Tablet/s$90.00$3/ Piece
60 Tablet/s$174.00$2.9/ Piece
120 Tablet/s$336.00$2.8/ Piece
180 Tablet/s$486.00$2.7/ Piece
240 Tablet/s$624.00$2.6/ Piece
300 Tablet/s$750.00$2.5/ Piece
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Nitazoxanide is an antiparasitic and broad-spectrum antiprotozoal medication primarily used to treat gastrointestinal infections caused by parasites such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium parvum. It works by interfering with the energy metabolism of the parasites, leading to their death. Nitazoxanide is also being investigated for its potential antiviral activity against certain viruses, including hepatitis B and C, influenza.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Nitazoxanide
Manufacturer:Lupin Ltd
Packaging:6 Tablets in 1 Strip
Strength:500 MG
Delivery Time:6 To 15 days
SKU:Nitazoxanide 500 Mg

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