Capecitabine 500 mg


Capecitabine 500 mg
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Capecitabine is a medication primarily used in the treatment of various types of cancer, including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and gastric cancer. It belongs to a class of drugs known as antimetabolites, which work by interfering with the growth and spread of cancer cells. Capecitabine is converted into its active form, fluorouracil (5-FU), in the body, where it inhibits the synthesis of DNA and RNA in cancer cells, leading to their death. Capecitabine is typically taken orally in tablet form.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Capecitabine
Cipla Limited
Packaging:10 Tablets in 1 strip
Strength:500 mg
Delivery Time:6 To 15 days
SKU:Capecitabine 500 mg

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