Volunteering Overseas

See the video about the book at the Learning Service Indiegogo campaign for Zahara’s book and related projects.

Zahara was transformed by volunteering in Nicaragua and Zambia, but not in the way she expected. In Nicaragua she saw the effects of war on a community, and in Zambia, she experienced the harsh reality of a nefarious volunteer organization. Based on her experiences as a volunteer (good, bad, and ugly) she is excited to join with the team and create a new book that helps people have powerful and positive international experiences – and avoid the mistakes she made and witnessed.  She has written many articles about international volunteering at Transitions Abroad, and co-wrote the book How to Live your Dream of Volunteering Overseas.

Zahara’s writing about volunteering includes critical perspectives based on her first hand experiences and her many years of research. Her themes: Learn first; Be modest; Listen; Think long term.

She offers workshops about international volunteering at campuses and conferences.

Learn about Zahara’s forthcoming book on Rethinking International Volunteering, add your name to the list to get notified when it comes out, and take the survey:

Check our Zahara’s book, How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas: http://learningservice.info/about-us/ 

See her articles at Transitions Abroad: www.transitionsabroad.com/information/media/zahara.shtml

For Career Counselours and Study Abroad offices, see her publications and workshops at:

To arrange for Zahara to come to your campus or conference for an interactive workshop on volunteering overseas, contact her book zahara at gmail.com.


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