Paxzen Nirmatrelvir Ritonavir Tablet

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Nirmatrelvir 150 MG and Ritonavir 100 MG
Manufacturer:Zenara Pharma
Packaging:30 tablets in 1 box
Strength150 mg & 100 mg
Delivery Time:6 To 15 days
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Buy Paxzen (Paxlovid) Nirmatrelvir 150mg + Ritonavir 100mg tablet online in the US, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong at a reasonable price. It is an antiviral drug used to treat people with very bad viral infections. It is made by the Indian company Zenara Pharma.

Paxzen Tablet is indicated for the treatment of mild-to-moderate viral infections. It is an oral medicine that prevents and cures the virus in children over the age of 12 and adults. You need to have a minimum weight of 40 kg to consume this tablet. The purpose of taking this tablet is to stop the multiplication of the virus inside the body, thus intensifying the case. This tablet should be taken within 5 days of the onset of symptoms. It is not intended for patients who are taking other medications to treat viral infections.

What is the Paxzen Tablet?

Astrica Healthcare developed Paxzen, an antiviral drug, to treat viral infections. During the viral infection epidemic, healthcare organizations all over the world took the initiative to look into efficient medications to treat viral infection. One of the best medicines for this is Paxzen, which has helped doctors treat millions of people with the viral illness and help them get better.

The FDA has approved this medication, making it legal to supply the international market, which is its best feature. Sincere thanks should be given to the person who made this effective solution, which has helped a lot to stop the pandemic.

How does Paxzen work?

Ritonavir raises the amount of Nirmatrelvir in the body, which makes it work better. According to research, Ritonavir and Nirmatrelvir have the ability to combat the virus, which enables them to prevent and treat individuals who are either at risk of contracting the virus or are already experiencing its early stages. However, it is not recommended for individuals who have been hospitalized or who have been exhibiting symptoms of a viral infection for longer than five days. Because it is a new development, there is still time to assess the medicine’s actual effectiveness in treating viral infections such as the Because there have been few clinical studies on this medication and it is not available over the counter, you should.

 Use of Paxzen

The medication must be taken orally, either on an empty stomach or right after eating. Your doctor would probably advise you to take 2 pills per day for 5 days. The doctor may change the dose, though, depending on the specific health issue or the severity of the harm.


The pill should be swallowed whole, without being broken, crushed, or chewed. Most of the time, doctors look at the patient’s weight, health, and how they respond to therapy to figure out the best dose.

It’s crucial that you don’t interrupt your intake midway through the recommended course.

Stopping before the recommended course is over lets the deadly virus spread. This makes it more likely that a viral infection will come back or that the person won’t be protected from getting the infection. If you find that the situation hasn’t gotten better after doing what was suggested, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.


The company that makes this drug, Zenara Pharma, is responsible for its discovery and development, which has helped people with viral illnesses a lot. The manufacturer offers a wide range of drugs, including those for the treatment of life-threatening illnesses.

Side Effects

Minor Side Effects

These include changes in taste, hypertension, excruciating muscle pain, and diarrhea. If you notice that these issues last longer than usual, you should get appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. Customers have sometimes been seen with a severe loss of appetite, stomach pain, pale skin and eyes, dark urine, and the urge to throw up.

Major Side Effects

It is extremely unlikely that a consumer may experience major side effects.

But it can also cause very itchy skin, a rash or swelling of the skin, breathing problems, and a feeling of being very lost. If these problems get worse or last longer than usual, you need to see a doctor.

Usage of Paxzen

The medication is intended for people who haven’t been hospitalized yet, and the symptoms shouldn’t last longer than five days.

According to your doctor’s instructions, you should utilize the medication.

When not to use it

Patients who have been to the hospital before for treatment of the virus shouldn’t take this medicine.

Important considerations for taking Paxzen

You should get your doctor’s approval before beginning to take this medication. If you have any allergic tendencies, you must tell your doctor. Certain chemicals in the medication may cause adverse reactions in certain people.

Alerts for a certain population

Mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding: It is not recommended that these women take these tablets. Your doctor will only tell you to take it if you have no other choice and the benefits outweigh the risks. Seniors: Seniors who don’t have a history of high blood pressure, liver disease, or kidney illness are allowed to use this tablet.

Children: This medication is not recommended for use by patients under the age of 12.

General Warning

Precaution: If you have certain medical conditions or are taking medications, you should not consume this tablet. As a result, you should only start taking these tablets after talking to your doctor. Since the pill is brand new, even doctors don’t know what problems it could cause. Therefore, trying self-medication with these tablets is likely to produce the most devastating outcome.

External Use: This pill is only intended for oral use and is not intended in any way for external use.

Use in Children: Under 12-year-olds are not encouraged to consume this product.

Skin: In a few cases, the side effects of this drug have been seen to cause skin problems in the person taking it. It could also cause skin swelling, rashes, and itching.

Sun Exposure: You must store the medication in a cool, dry area; sun exposure is not encouraged.


The recommended dosage is one pill taken in the morning and at night, either on an empty stomach or right after eating. You should take the missed dose as soon as you remember. However, you shouldn’t fill up the missed dose halfway if there isn’t much time before the next dose.


Alcohol Interaction: If you take Paxzen at the same time as alcohol, there will probably be a serious interaction. Alcohol use is not advised while using this medication.

Medicine Interaction: Paxzen may interact with several drugs used to treat kidney and heart problems. This medication may interact with several forms of painkillers. While completing the course, you shouldn’t take birth control tablets. Interactions with these medicines are likely to produce complications that might be impossible to reverse at a later stage.

Food interactions: Avoid eating items to which you may be allergic in the future.

How to keep it

The medication must be kept in a cool, dry location out of the sun and children’s reach.

Where can I buy a Paxzen Tablet online?

You must purchase this medication from reputable, legitimate online and offline pharmacies. The huge demand for these tablets has led the evil forces to clone the medicine in an illegitimate manner. The only way to avoid buying fake medicines is to go to pharmacies with good reputations. It is good to say that the medicine has FDA approval, and hence, there is no need for the buyer to buy these medicines from the black market. As a result, you can purchase Paxzen Tablet from an FDA-approved Zaharaheckscher online pharmacy.

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Paxzen Nirmatrelvir Ritonavir Tablet
Paxzen Nirmatrelvir Ritonavir Tablet