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Members of the media may contact Zahara Heckscher at

 BookZahara at gmail dot com

Text or Cell: 202-489-8908

Zahara Heckscher Author Facebook Page

Zahara Heckscher’s Author Page on Amazon

Zahara Heckscher Linked In

Past Media Appearances

The Poetry Game and Cultural Resistance to Anti-Immigrant Hatred
WPFW Radio, February, 2017

Cancer Patient Lays Bare the Danger of TPP and the “Pharma Bro …
Huffington PostFeb 11, 2016

How a Battle Over Affordable Medicine Helped Kill the TPP
YES! MagazineNov 18, 2016

Congress, You Are to Blame for EpiPen Prices
Stop the CEO-Shaming and Take a Stand Against the TPP
September 22, 2016, Medium

Thom Hartmann Show/The Big Picture
“Cancer Patient Exposes Big Pharma”
March 17, 2016

Breast Cancer Patient Arrested Protesting TPP
Democracy Now! October 6, 2015

Cancer Patient Disrupts TPP Talks over “Death Sentence Clause”
Democracy Now! – ‎Oct 1, 2015‎

Trade Deal “Death Sentence Clause”
Institute for Public Accuracy – October 1, 2015

Making the World Better, One Vacation at a Time – The New York Times…/making-the-world-better-one-vacation-at-a-time.html

Virtuous Vacations
Newsweek November 2, 2003




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