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Writer, educator, social justice advocate. Co-author of How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas (Penguin, 2002) and forthcoming Volunteer Travel Reimagined: The Learning Service Guide. Instructor at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD and co-inventor of The Poetry Game. Mom, wife, cancer thriver, advocate for a world of justice.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Success Tips for Nonprofit Projects

I just completed my fifth successful nonprofit crowdfunding campaign. All raised funds for nonprofit causes. I used the Indiegogo platform, which also offers the Generosity platform option for nonprofit and personal campaigns. (I stick with Indiegogo because I know it … Continue reading

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New Cancer Diagnosis? Stockpile Dental Floss

“I’ll stop flossing.” That was my first thought after I got a new breast cancer diagnosis. I seriously thought I might not live long enough to need to worry about my teeth. Four years later, I am super glad I kept flossing. I … Continue reading

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TPP Threatens Access to Medicines: Statement in Advance of State of the Union

Press Conference Monday, January 11, 2016 at 4:00 PM 2168 Rayburn House Office Building Members of Congress to Join a Broad Coalition Against TPP Ahead of the State of the Union Contact: 202-489-8908 January 11,2016 Learn more and get involved: … Continue reading

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“Slaves” vs “Enslaved People” in My Son’s Classroom

My blond, blue eyed boy is the descendant of an enslaved person and named for someone who escaped from slavery. So how do I handle it when his teacher refers to “slaves” instead of “enslaved people”? I just spent 30 minutes … Continue reading

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Why Did I go to Jail Protesting the TPP?

This video of my arrest in Atlanta. Here is my statement from the press conference before the arrest, explaining why I am involved Zahara Heckscher, Cancer Patient Media Statement on TPP and Access to Cancer Medicines Contact: 202-489-8908 September … Continue reading

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Deadly Risk Factor: Docs Who Don’t Take Your Symptoms Seriously

Sisters, it is time for us to fight back. Today, I found out that the fabulous Carey Fitzmaurice just passed away from Ovarian cancer, the same cancer that took my sister-in-law Lena from us two years ago. In their honor, … Continue reading

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Women Walking on Water June 13 in DC: What Could I Love More Than This?

My life changed three years ago when I looked out Charlie Young Beach in Maui and saw a group of people walking on the ocean. Since that day, I have learned the glorious sport of Stand Up Paddling, aka paddleboarding or … Continue reading

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