Two Books: Synergy or Insanity?

My friends know I am working on two quite different books, Spice Lady: A Novel with Recipes (currently pending agent review) and How to Be an Effective Global Volunteer:  A Learning Service Approach (in process with an awesome team of co-authors).

Sometimes I feel that writing two books is an exercise in insanity. Other times, I feel the synergy.

This week is synergy week. I finally got Spice Lady off to my dream agent for her review, and today, we launched the indiegogo for the Effective Volunteer book.

I think what I learned from the Spice Lady submissions process will help me with the Effective Volunteer book. And the indiegogo will help me with marketing and video ideas for Spice Lady.

Of course there are some common threads in the different books. More on that another day.

Please check out the indiegogo here.

Even if you don’t donate, I would love your thoughts on the video — you can comment here or on the indiegogo page.

OK, now back to writing. Or maybe directly to a nervous breakdown. I’ll let you know.


About Zahara Heckscher

Writer, educator, social justice advocate. Co-author of How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas (Penguin, 2002) and forthcoming Volunteer Travel Reimagined: The Learning Service Guide. Instructor at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD and co-inventor of The Poetry Game. Mom, wife, cancer thriver, advocate for a world of justice.
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